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Who Is Keith?

Keith Crabbs is a very entertaining person.  He loves other people to enjoy themselves around him. Starting with balloon creations and a healthy interest in magic, Keith strived to impress and entertain family and friends at a young age.  It took him 2 weeks to figure out the basic juggling pattern because he didn't know anyone to teach him. He just knew it looked cool. His interests lead him to perform birthday parties at age 16.


At age 22 he joined a small circus as the only clown in the group. After two more circus stints he was ready to step into a hometown. 

After coming home from traveling around the country with the circus, Keith found birthdays, community events, and carnivals his comfort zone. As Lucky the clown his greatest joy was bringing  smiles to the faces of everyone who passed by.  

In 2000 Keith traveled to India to perform for an orphanage of 400 children.  He brought his special style of humor to them and found that everyone really does laugh in the same language. In 2001 he returned and toured several different ethnic schools and spread his joy with more than 10,000 children of India.

Keith has performed exclusively for the McDonald's corporation for 15 years. Now he can bring his unique style to your event.  Whether stilt walking, magic, foam parties, balloon creations, school assemblies, library shows ,  or bringing Santa to life; your guests, children, and friends will have experienced entertainment they can't stop talking about.

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