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Pre Schools, Day Cares, and Summer Camps

Clown and Circus Class

Mr. Keith has been in Preschool since he was 2 years old... his mother worked for the Head Start program for 20 years.  This gave Keith a willing audience to try out his new talents on as he grew. Now he teaches the next generation about clowns.  He will demonstrate how and why clowns put on make up; right in front of them, showing them that clowns are not scary. Then he will  perform magic, twist balloons, and do some juggling, with physical comedy throughout.  This shows the children that clowns are just people dressed up to bring laughter and fun to others. This appearance will last one hour and pictures are encouraged.

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Book Time

Reading is an important tool for 

success. Keith teaches kids 5 

important aspects to reading.

Books are our Friends

Take some Book Time each day

Read with Excitement

Visit your Library

Take care of Books

Along with Shorty the Bookworm, kids will love this fun filled show.

Friendship is a gift. Knowing what to do when you or your friends are bullied is important. This show teaches kids who to go to and what to do in different situations. It  incorporates friendship, cooperation, and anti-bullying.

Character Counts

Character Counts even when no one is looking. Your choices and how you treat others will determine how others treat you. We explore Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect, and Fairness. How it works and doesn't work.

       What Friends Are For

These shows are specially designed to create excitement in younger audiences 

They educate students on personal behaviors needed in society

They have been proven to be engaging and memorable for years to come

We have over 15 years experience performing in schools with more than 5,000 performances on record.

Each show teaches children to make choices that will better them personally

Our shows incorporate audience volunteers. So that the audience participates directly and is drawn into the experience. Everyone wants to see their friends, and ultimately themselves, succeed. We allow them to do this  each and every time!

These shows build self esteem and confidence


Each show runs 45 minutes

We take care of all set up and breakdown of the show. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

We truly do bring the show, the entertainment, the education, the personality, and the FUN!!

Corporate Events
    Pennsylvania State background checked and Insured
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