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Birthday Parties

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What People Say

"Doing events is stressful. When I see Keith, it's a good sense of relief because I know the fun is there. No matter what else is going wrong people are going to have a good time because the party arrived with him"

                  Chris Callanan-Director of Events and Corporate Development 

                      Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

 "I can't remember the last time  I laughed so much"

70 year old birthday honoree

"...and I sat three tables away moved practically to tears by the beauty and genuine kindness of this man, the stark humanity of such a simple act as making someone else smile.  I doubt I've ever seen such a s display of good-heartedness in my life."


You were amazing!Parents were coming to me telling me how great you were. And the employees said it was the best party they have ever been to....thanks to you.  You are so charming and wonderful with the children. I love how you got them involved. One parent said she's seen a few magic shows and considers yours to be the best by comparison.

                                                                    The Ruzika family

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